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Increasing retention and building skills by working with educators and students to integrate kinesthetics and academics.


An Innovative Approach to Engaging Academics

Long time-educator and dancer, Kristina Stoneberg is the founder of think.move.learn. Kristina has taught in various academic and dance settings over the past 16 years, most recently as a K-8 reading, writing and science teacher in Seattle Public Schools. While working with students of all ages, backgrounds and abilities, Kristina uses movement to help students engage their thoughts, ideas and questions into their entire being. Using movement in an academic setting helps students build skills, retain information for longer periods of time, and is engaging. Using the Common Core Standards as a guide, and her dance background, Kristina will work with your group of students or educators to teach science, math, reading, writing, social studies, or cultural awareness. Kristina has led teacher trainings, parent workshops, and academic classes helping students of all ages set specific academic learning goals, and reach clear, measurable outcomes and expectations. By integrating kinesthetics and academics, all learning becomes a work of art!

Learning happens best when a thinking mind moves


A National-Board Certified teacher will work with your group of teachers or students. You choose the subject area and learning goals, and using Common Core Standards, Next Generation Science Standards, EALRs, GLEs and/or 21st Century Skills, we will integrate movement into innovative lessons that include measurable outcomes.


We use the same part of our brain to incorporate learning and movement into our bodies. By incorporating kinesthetics into academic subjects, students are able to manipulate and engage information in a way that makes it relevant to them. Movement results in an increase in retention, which allows students to access the information for longer periods of time.


With teacher, student, principal and/or parent input, we will create a curriculum unique to the needs of your group of educators or students - keeping learning targets as the focus. We use kinesthetic movement infused with academic subjects to facilitate engaging lessons that are memorable for students. All lessons are aligned with standards and include measurable outcomes.

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